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The most hardcore handshake of all time. 


when you love a song but you listened to it a lot during a really bad time in your life so it reminds you of bad times



The most embarrassing movie you will ever see.

shall we never forget

We’re all stories in the end.

▬ Peter Capaldi accepting his TV Personality of The Year award
at GQ Men Of The Year 2014
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"Anxiety isn’t cute. It’s painful. It’s tears, hardly any social interaction, losing your hair, shaking and trembling, biting your nails, self hatred, and self destruction. It’s laying in your bed at night begging for sleep, but it just won’t let you. It’s waking up in the morning but you don’t dare to look in the mirror because your thoughts are eating at you and it is physically showing on the outside. It’s not quirky and adorable. It’s an ugly monster that lives inside your head. Anxiety isn’t cute."